Monday, January 8, 2018


As we all evolve as watch enthusiasts and collectors, our own personal microcosms usually start to mold to our own tastes and prejudices. Case in point, I’m a vintage chronograph guy, and as the years have passed I’ve burrowed deeper and deeper into the intricacies of that niche. Once you find a niche, however, you run the risk of developing a blind spot to the world outside. I’m guilty here as well; while my enthusiasm and involvement have grown through the years, I realized I’ve unintentionally overlooked two major segments in my travels. It wasn’t exactly intentional, but I’ve never given pilots or GMTs a fair shake.

Luckily, I’ve had the chance to rectify both of these oversights with this: the new Archimede Pilot 42 GMT, and after a while on the wrist I’m happy to say it’s opened up my eyes to both. Let’s break it down.

The case design of the Archimede Pilot 42 GMT is spartan (like CITIZEN ECO DRIVE WATCH ), but handsome in a pragmatic, German way. From above, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t, with a narrow, brushed bezel flanked by thin, tapering lugs. It’s also surprisingly thin from the side, measuring a svelte 9.5mm. This keeps the flat, brushed sides from feeling too slab-sided and helps a 42mm diameter wear handsomely on even smaller wrists. A massive, flared crown with deep grooves and the Archimede “A” is the only thing allowed to break up the elemental symmetry here.

In terms of the case design, that’s really about it. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, however. This basic design belies the craftsmanship involved in production. Case construction is handled by specialist manufacturer Ickler in the heart of Pforzheim, Germany. That quality is readily apparent here, with smooth, even brushing throughout. Lastly, the Ickler case offers a generous view to the beating heart of the Pilot GMT around back (more on this power plant later).

Archimede’s approach to the dial of the Pilot 42 GMT is equally elemental. All of the classic flieger elements are here: elongated sword hands, bold Arabic hour markers, and a triangle at 12.

It’s the execution, however, that sets this one apart. The minutes track and indices aren’t just flatly printed onto the dial; instead, they’re all raised surfaces with generous portions of lume. The date window isn’t hacked into place at three o’clock like so many other fliegers. It’s smoothly integrated into the inner GMT hours ring, beveled and matched to the dial color.

Of course, what really separates this one from a more traditional flieger/pilot’s watch is the GMT complication. Inside the main hours track is a small 24-hour ring for the second time zone, coupled with the watch’s only real splash of color. The GMT hand itself fits the style of the main hours and minutes but features only a half fill of lume and substitutes the glossy black for high-visibility scarlet.

While GMTs are far from the most practical complication for most, they do make for a natural fit with a flieger. After all, if you’re an aircraft pilot, it does help to know what time it is at your next destination. That said, while it may detract slightly from the purity of the 75-year-old “Type-A” flieger design, the GMT makes for an eye-catching addition that sets this one apart from the pack.

Inside the Archimede Pilot 42 GMT lies an elaboré caliber ETA 2893-2 power plant. The 2893-2 has been a mainstay in GMTs for years, finding its way into virtually every watch that uses third party movements. The ETA represents a solid balance of quality, value, and reliability, with easy parts availability and a buttery smooth beat rate of 28,800bph. The movement is function-first with just a touch of decoration. The rotor is radially brushed and etched, with an etched Archimede logo rounding out the polish.

In terms of straps, Archimede offers a wide selection for the Pilot GMT, including black, brown, and tan riveted leather, along with a choice of engineer-style or Milanese bracelet. Our tester came in on the classic black leather option, and the strap itself is more than respectable. Thick and supple with high-contrast white stitching, it’s a perfect selection for those looking for a traditional look. That said, while the options here are diverse, this would also be a perfect candidate for a more tactical nylon band.

Ordinarily, a 42mm x 51mm case would be a little outside the range of my 6.75-inch wrist, but the slim 9.5 millimeter height coupled with wrist-hugging lugs make this an easily wearable prospect even for me. The all-dial design does offer a ton of wrist presence, but the classic, rugged look is a great match for all sorts of casual wear.

Altogether, the Archimede Pilot 42 GMT is a tough, do-anything design with enough quality touches and premium features to set it well apart from the pack without destroying the classic pilot aesthetic that has stood as a cornerstone of watch design for nearly eight decades. For the level of craftsmanship on display, the price tag sets the Archimede apart as well. The Pilot 42 GMT starts around $1,090 without VAT, and while that’s no small sum, this is also no small amount of watch for the money, either. Whether or not you’ve ever owned a flieger this one is certainly worth a look.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Honda HRX 217VKA


The Honda HRX performs well, giving your grass a smooth, even cut. This is largely thanks to the special MicroCut blade. This specialty blade has four cutting surfaces, rather than the standard two, so it cuts your grass clippings into finer pieces. This is what gives the HRX its mulching and cutting power, making it easier for you with less clumping and cleanup.

Having smaller clippings also makes it possible to hold more in the generously sized 2.5-bushel discharge bag. Most discharge bags have a 2-bushel capacity, but the Honda HRX bag is angled perfectly, allowing you to fill it up to the brim without choking the blade to a halt. The downside to having such a large bag and being able to fill it completely is that it can be quite heavy when you need to remove and empty it.

The cutting path of this walk-behind mower is a standard 21 inches, and the wheels don't push the grass down too much, so there is less to overlap on your passes. Gas mower engines have a sound rating that falls between 90 and 100 dB, and the HRX is a bit on the loud side, running at 98 dB during our test. This is due to its large engine, but with hearing protection like earplugs, you should be able to mow for extended periods without any ill effects.

This mower has seven cutting levels. The lowest cutting height is 3/4 of an inch, with a maximum of 4 inches. These heights are the lowest and highest levels available on any of the mowers in our lineup and allow you to mow almost any type of grass to the height you want. Unfortunately, you have to adjust the wheel height for each wheel.

One of the best features of this Honda lawn mower is the rear-wheel self-propulsion system. Unlike most standard self-propelled mowers, the HRX has a variable drive system that you control with a thumb lever rather than a bar. These thumb controls are located at the middle of the handlebar, and you can adjust them to a variety of angles to suit your hand size and pushing preference.

The controls are pressure-sensitive, allowing you to select the amount of propulsion you need. These controls may take a while to get used to, and you will often find yourself pulled along by the mower at first. The angled handle is covered with a thin foam that reduces vibrations and hand fatigue. The mower engine runs smoothly, so vibration is not a huge problem for this gas mower.

Mulching is one of the HRX's greatest strengths. Taking the mulching process one step further, Honda designed a lever that allows you to control the amount of grass that goes through the rear discharge. This allows you to control the amount of clippings you leave behind on the lawn, rather than an all-or-nothing option. You can also use the HRX in the fall to chop up leaves without a special attachment, giving you some relief from raking.

This is one of the loudest gas lawn mowers we reviewed, producing almost 100 decibels worth of noise. If you need a quieter mower, consider the Craftsman 37441, which only produces 85 decibels of noise.


The HRX217VKA is a large mower ( as POULAN PRO LAWN TRACTOR ), weighing in at 96 pounds, and its 190cc engine provides plenty of power to efficiently mow and mulch every type of grass. One of the features that make this mower unique is the molded skirting around the cutting deck that helps keep grass from spitting out the sides. While the skirting makes the mower look wider than it actually is, it does not protrude past the wheels.

The handle stands at 41 inches, tall enough for people over 6 feet tall to grasp it comfortably. The handle connects and folds down easily, thanks to a quick-release connection at the base of handle. You can adjust the handle to three different positions, giving you an opportunity to set it at the height you need.

Unfortunately, there is no side discharge option with this Honda lawn mower, but the excellent mulching and bagging features help capture grass clippings so you don't have to rake after you finish mowing. The large engine on this Honda mower meets all EPA and CARB emission standards in all 50 states, so you don't have to worry about your mower not being up to regulation. Additionally, the 190cc engine has an automatic choke system, eliminating the need for the complex starting process required by many smaller or older gas mowers.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Drobo 5N review

The 5N is one of Drobo's most popular network-attached storage products. Drobo designed the 5N to bridge the gap between performance and affordability while keeping a small footprint that is ideal for desk placement. Advanced features keep the 5N from being an entry-level appliance, but it is a great system for beginners due to its focus on ease of use
Since our review of the Drobo B810n 8-bay NAS appliance, the company stepped back to assess where it could make improvements to its products as a whole. Drobo expanded the software package that affects many of the company's network-attached products. In 2016, we've seen upgrades to the hardware, feature set, and software. Drobo is currently working on making well-rounded products and not resting on its laser-like focus on ease of use.
Even with the new features, Drobo network-attached products are still the easiest NAS to configure and get working in your home or office. The system doesn't present many choices for you during the initial set up because the hardware eliminates the need to truly understand the software. Once you put drives in the system, the hardware takes over and builds a default configuration that most people would use. The base configuration with BeyondRAID technology is very good right out of the box. It doesn't matter if your drives match, if you fill the entire system or even use just a single drive. What you get is what you want 95 percent of the time, and without any user interaction. The premise is simple; here is your storage volume, do with it what you will.
The Drobo 5N uses a low-power four-core Marvell Armada XP system-on-chip (SoC) processor. The processor is accompanied by 2 gigabytes of Sk Hynix DDR3 system memory. The Linux-based operating system rests on a NAND flash-based DOM from Apacer, so the files running the system do not reside on your storage array.
IO is limited to a single gigabit Ethernet port on the back of the system. The only other port is for the external power supply that feeds the system. The 5N features an internal battery that will flush any cached data to your storage system in the event of a power failure event.
There are five 3.5" tray-less drive bays that accept your drives without a carrier or any other mounting apparatus, like screws. The drives just slide in, and a tab on the appliance keeps them in place. A removable cover on the bottom of the system hides an mSATA port where users can install a solid-state drive for high-speed IO caching via Drobo's Data Aware Tiering. Your workload will determine the drive's effectiveness, as it doesn't cache all workloads at the same rate.


We found the Drobo 5N available at a number of popular online retailers for $489.99. The Drobo Store lists the 5N diskless model for $549 but allows users to configure the system with preinstalled disks. The store offers options that range from 2TB to 20TB in five different capacities.


The Drobo 5N ships in the United States with a limited 1-year warranty. That doubles to 2 years in the European Union. Users also gain 24/7 telephone support for the first 90 days of ownership. You can purchase an additional warranty through DroboCare in one year ($129) and three-year ($279) increments.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

FSU unveils library solar panel project

Fairmont State University unveiled a brand new set of solar panels (for example: GOAL ZERO NOMAD 7 PLUS ) on top of the school’s library, the first of hopefully many panels that will soon cover the building’s roof.

The university celebrated the unveiling with a ribbon cutting ceremony, at which FSU Foundation President and CEO RJ Gimbl noted how important the project is for the school.

“It’s the tip of the iceberg for renewable energy and how much we can do to not only bring awareness to the students, but then raise some money to continue our efforts to grow our footprint with renewables,” Gimbl said.

FSU College of Science and Technology Dean Donald Trisel said that the university has been trying to get the project, called “Powering the Pages, Empowering the Future,” off the ground for a while, and he couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

Trisel explained that the solar panels on the library’s roof actually serve another purpose, aside from the advantage of the direct reduction of energy consumption.

“Right now, we’ve got a black rubber and tar roof, and that, of course, in the middle of the summer, is just going to heat up and cause extra air conditioning bills,” Trisel said. “Could we cover the roof in solar panels and use that light energy to use electricity and cool the roof at the same time? There are so many benefits to having a diversified energy system.”

The library currently has eight panels on the roof, although Trisel estimated that the building can hold around 240 altogether.

Each panel costs roughly $1,000, and the university has already reported a 4 percent drop in library energy usage in the last year.

“When we fully fill up the rooftop in addition to these panels, we estimate we can produce around 10 percent of the energy that just the library building needs,” Trisel said. “We would need immense area to take care of all of the needs for this building, but it’s a small chip. It’s a step in the right direction.”

There are also 16 solar panels installed in the ground beside the library, which started operating last year. Trisel said that these panels soak up energy that would otherwise just sink directly into the ground.

This hillside is being impacted by photons every day, all daylong during day light hours, and what is that energy being used for?” Trisel asked. “To grow some grass that we have to go out and mow? Could we better utilize the energy that’s already coming down to the Earth and convert it into something useful?”

According to a press release, the university plans to use the money saved on electricity on STEM-related student scholarships and “continued investment in sustainability initiatives on campus.”

Gimbl said that sticking with alternative energy initiatives like solar power is a huge step for FSU and is optimistic about the future of the college’s energy needs and consumption.

“The sky is the limit, pun intended,” Gimbl said. “For us, it gives us an opportunity to look at what we can do down the road. It’s obviously not a quick fix to energy consumption, but as technology expands those individual panels become more powerful.

“I think the generation of students coming in is more cognizant of renewables, and this helps open the door to let them know that we’re looking at alternatives, what exists, what we can do and how we can grow.”

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Steps for Trauma Therapy

trauma therapy nyc

Operating through upheaval could be frightening, unpleasant, and possibly re-traumatizing. Frequently those who have experienced upheaval have coped atleast simply through some extent of dissociation. Although it was essential for your success subsequently, ongoing dissociation (particularly types that aren't in your handle) isn't flexible when the misuse has ceased. Today the job of treatment would be to assist you to remain present long enough to understand additional way of creating security in our. How can somebody with automated success abilities of dissociation learn how to do that? Grounding is one ability that will help.

Stress treatment doesn't just contain informing your tale or concentrating on disturbing thoughts, although obviously that's an important area of the function. Getting stress thoughts in your thoughts, referring to them in a trustworthy connection, and creating the capabilities for controlling them while remaining contained in as soon as are essential areas of the trauma therapy NYC process. A focus on disturbing substance may actually do more damage than great.

Previously, stress children were inspired to talk about their misuse within the perception this catharsis could be therapeutic. Occasionally this rather resulted in re-trauma in the place of competence of the substance or recovery. Actually, some stress children can inform their tales quickly, however in a dissociated method. Due to the dangers concerned, this therapeutic function is better completed with the aid of a skilled stress expert who are able to assist you to discover processes to deal with thoughts efficiently. One objective of stress treatment would be to assist you to connect with yesteryear while remaining in the current. How can somebody with automated success abilities of dissociation achieve this type of job?

Newer upheaval treatments have centered on a phase strategy, including early planning, concentrate on developing coping abilities and stabilization. Judith Herman, in Upheaval and Restoration, states the main job of the very first stage of treatment should be security. How will you encounter this should you choose not really feel secure within oneself, but in the threat of uncontrolled flashbacks? Actually, for all stress children it might have experienced that there have been just two options open to them traditionally: misuse or dissociation.

What do counselors suggest whenever we discuss grounding?

Grounding is approximately understanding how to remain existing (or for many get contained in the very first location) within you within the hereandnow. Essentially it includes a group of abilities/resources to assist you handle dissociation and also the overwhelming stress-associated feelings that result in it. Running completed from the really dissociated condition isn't helpful in stress work. Neither may be the objective to become so overwhelmed by emotions that you simply experience re-traumatized thus you need to call trauma therapists NYC. An individual will be current, in addition you should try to learn additional way of controlling the emotions and ideas asst with disturbing memories.

Everybody differs. Various grounding methods works for various people. Listed here are some common groups and suggestions. Discovering the professionals and negatives of numerous methods together with your counselor could be helpful in identifying which is the very best fit-for you if you get treated by trauma therapist NYC.

-Grounding usually requires the shape of concentrating on the current by adjusting involved with it via all of your feelings. For example, one method might include concentrating on an audio you notice at this time, a bodily feeling (what's the consistency of the seat you're resting on, for example?) and/or anything you notice. Explain each in just as much depth as you can.

-Diaphragmatic or breathing: Stress children frequently maintain their air or breathe quite shallowly. Therefore deprives you of air which could create panic more extreme. Preventing and concentrating on deepening and delaying your breathing may bring you back again to the minute.

-Rest, guided image or trance- people with dissociative problems are participating in a kind of selfhypnosis a lot of the full time. The problem is, it's from the handle! Some stress counselors will also be been trained in trance and certainly will help train you just how to utilize dissociation in ways that works for you personally. For instance: you are able to create a safe pot for disturbing substance between periods, produce a safe or cozy location ("safe" may possibly not be an idea some heirs may relate solely to or might be causing with a) 0r discover methods to ignore the "quantity" of unpleasant emotions and thoughts about sex addiction NYC.

Grounding and feeling management abilities might help you continue using the function of stress treatment in a fashion that seems empowering in the place of re-traumatizing by trauma psychologist.

Doctor. Small is just a certified medical psychiatrist with more than 20 years of expertise. She's experienced personal training in Detroit, Illinois since 1992. Her job emphasis continues to be on working with sex addiction treatment NYC and its aftermath.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Market Your Business Effectively with Additional Instagram Followers

Do you run a small business? If you answered yes to this question, you’ll understand the enormous importance of proper advertising. Without a reliable marketing and advertising plan, consumers will not know about your business which could cause your profits to flatline.

Unfortunately, some forms of advertising can be extremely expensive. If you want to advertise effectively and affordable, you should look no further than social media networks, such as Instagram. Here’s how to use Instagram to advertise your business effectively:

Brand Your Account

First and foremost, you need to create an Instagram account for your company brand. This might seem easy, but you should ensure your brand is represented accurately. Use your company’s name and add your slogan to the page somewhere.

More importantly, you should make sure your Instagram profile features your company’s logo. Once people become familiar with your company’s name and logo, your brand will ultimately begin selling itself.

3 Ways to Effectively Advertise Your Business at Low Cost

Every business needs to be known and generate more profits, whether it’s a startup or established organization. Research has repeatedly linked success to effective advertising and marketing. As a result, companies have taken up a wide variety of marketing activities.

In addition, many advertising and commercialization companies have emerged to tap into the obvious need from enterprises that want to grow. Demand has pushed the cost of these needed services up, almost making them a privilege of the few. Today, many organizations have generous marketing and advertising budgets. Whether you’re a newbie in business or an employee seeking to make a significant change in marketing strategies, here are some tips that will help.

Use the Power of Social Media

Technology has made it easy for the masses to keep in touch and access information through incredible portable gadgets. The convenience has seen many other developments, including in human behavior. People now spend more time on their mobile phones, computers, and iPads among other gadgets. It’s a perfect platform to increase your visibility, make your brand known, and add your voice in the market. You can set up your profiles on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more.

Another approach is to use the platforms to post educational information and include links to your website. Most people tend to share what they find impressive with their followers. This can easily lead to creating brand loyalty as you connect to your clients. There are high chances of converting other followers into customers as well. For new brands, increased recognition and publicity in the market is crucial. It is easier for people to trust something they have seen before.


As we all evolve as watch enthusiasts and collectors, our own personal microcosms usually start to mold to our own tastes and prejudices. ...